Audio File Upload

Submit any Audio File for Transcription

Clients generally submit audio files to us for transcription using two methods:

1. E-mail - Send an e-mail with your audio file as an attachment to . Please note that e-mail providers may place limits on the size of attachments. Gmail, for instance, has a maximum attachment file size of 25MB.

2. Upload Form - You can use the web-based form below to submit audio files.

Please allow time for the form to process your file, which may take a few minutes, especially for large audio files.

When your file has finished uploading, this page will refresh with a message that your upload is complete.

* = required

    Please note: Audio files (MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc.) can be large and may take a few minutes to upload. Once you hit submit, please be patient while the system uploads your file.