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Recording Your Dictation Using the
Telephone-Based Dictation Tool

DICTATION TIPS: You will use the number keys on your telephone to control the dictation recorder - just like a Dictaphone! Print this chart as a reference, then Click Here to set up your free account.

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(1) PLAY

Press 1 on the telephone keypad to play back recorded dictation. This function rewinds approximately one second and can be pressed multiple times. To rewind in longer increments of time before playing back the dictation, use the Rewind function (3) or the Beginning of File function (8).


Press 2 on the telephone keypad to begin recording dictation. A tone will sound alerting you that recording has begun. The record function begins recording at the current position of the voice file so that it is important to be positioned at the end of a file when recording unless you wish to insert dictation.

(3) REWIND (Review)

Press 3 on the telephone keypad to rewind 3 seconds and play back dictation. This can be pressed repeatedly to rewind incremental amounts.


Press 4 on the telephone keypad to pause dictation. Pausing dictation puts the line in idle mode. While the line is idle, a clicking sound is audible.

(5) SAVE

Press 5 on the telephone keypad to save and and send the current dictation. Pressing this option will prompt you to save the job as normal priority dictation or 'stat' (high) priority dictation. Select the appropriate option to complete the job. Once dictation has been saved, it is ready to be transcribed and cannot again be retrieved by the author.


Press 6 on the telephone keypad to move to the end of the current dictation file. It is important to move to the end of a file when appending dictation so that previous dictation is not overwritten.


Press 7 on the telephone keypad to fast forward through the dictation. Using this function advances the current position 3 seconds and continues playing the dictation.


Press 8 on the telephone keypad to move to the beginning of the current dictation file. This is used before playing back the entire file.


Press 9 on the telephone keypad to abort the current dictation file.


  • When possible, dictate in a quiet area. Try to keep background noise to a minimum. If dictating in a car, keep the windows rolled up and the radio off.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Spell out names, addresses, and other proper nouns.
  • Indicate punctuation and paragraph breaks.
  • Print the Dictate Pad Template chart above for reference while recording.
  • Describe what type of document your are dictating before you begin.
  • Be sure to include any special delivery information, such as an alternate e-mail address.
  • Please remember to press 5 when you have completed your dictation. This will save the file and deliver it for transcription.